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Why I Can't Stick to my Routines

We won’t hold you long today. On April 30 we brought the month of May in with our blog Routines, Yes I need one. And on May 7 we followed up with our blog Creating Routines. Now today we are following up with Why I Can’t Stick to Routines. We want to clarify with you some reasons as to why it has been difficult for you to stick to your routines and create habits. We are doing this in hopes that you can recognize these signs and thoughts when they start. We want you to be able to change your mindset so that you can create some healthy routines and habits and stick with them. Yes I know it's easier said than done. That’s why you need to know some reasons they may try to keep you from creating those habits.

“Look for magic in your daily routine.- Lou Barlow

Here are some of the most common reasons routine fails and you can't stick with your habits:

  1. Your routine is too difficult for you at this time.

  2. It bores you. You are not enjoying your routine.

  3. You have too many activities at once. Or too many routines at a time.

  4. You feel your routine is too rigid and you don't have any freedom.

  5. Your routine feels overwhelming. You are stressing too much on it being perfect instead of letting it work for you.

  6. You have too many things on it. You are trying to add every single thing you plan to do that day.

  7. Unexpected changes like travel, getting sick, visitors, or work projects.

  8. Distractions or interruptions such as notifications or your phone or traffic.

  9. You don’t feel motivated.

  10. You talk yourself out of it.

  11. You miss a couple of days and get discouraged.

  12. You let others talk you out of it and discourage you.

  13. You have negative thoughts about being able to do it.

  14. You overexert yourself and run out of enthusiasm.

There are plenty of reasons one may not stick to routines and create habits. These are just a few to look out for.

Join us on the next blog Tips to Sticking to Your Routine.

Also if you can think of any other reasons drop them below.

“Your little choices become habits that affect the bigger decisions you make in life. - Elizabeth George

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1 comentário

23 de mai. de 2023

It's 9 & 11 for me.

I lose motivation and before long I've skipped days. Still working on managing this better.

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