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Women's Herstory Month - Kahzmet Beads

Women’s History Month is time we should all stop and honor the many women who have made and who are making history. Women’s History Month should be a time we as women uplift and upbuild one another. It’s a time to just sit back and adore the beauty of being a woman.

For many years women have been pushed to the back. But we took a stand and we came out victorious. Women all around the world are making history and becoming entrepreneurs.

Healthy Keys, LLC will continue to highlight the adornment of women in business. This next woman is an awesome business owner and a delight to shop with. She has amazing customer service. Here is Kahzmet Beads by Shantee’.

Kahzmet Beads came about to help other women embrace their spiritual and self love journey through wearing intentional waist beads. It then transitioned to helping other people on their journey to higher elevation.

"My first strand taught me discipline and every time I looked in the mirror or rubbed the strand, it motivated me to keep going after my goals."

Kahzmet Beads now sells handmade jewelry and other items to be a reminder that elevation and healing are at our fingertips and souls. Everything we need is already within us. Having these physical materials definitely adds positive energy to keeps us on course.

Ladies harness your inner magic and begin to heal. Grab your self love pieces and continue to elevate higher.

“I am the essence of magic, its mysteriousness, its beauty and its ability to make things happen when people couldn’t see how!” – Jenaitre Farquharson

You can shop and connect with Shantee' at Kahzmet Beads here:

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