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Surviving Covid: Mommy Edition

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

First off let me just say that Covid is very real. Please mask up and stay safe.

These past 10 days have been a mother’s living nightmare. I took all precautions to keep my family safe and help my daughter enjoy her birthday while also networking for my business. We spent the weekend in Atlanta.

Everyone wore a mask all day every day. We used hand sanitizer frequently. We even used Lysol in the hotel rooms. We used Lysol on everything. We tried to maintain social distancing while out in public.

Unfortunately on the way home I did not feel too well. My body was very achy. So I decided that I was going to quarantine myself away from my kids just in case. I told Aniyah my older daughter to look after her little sister because mommy did not feel well. I must say she did an amazing job. So I shut myself in the room away from my kids and boy did my depression automatically set in hard. I didn’t like hearing my baby wanting me and telling her no you can’t have mommy. Let’s just say I also don’t like being away from my kids. I cried of course. The next day I decided to put on a mask and go help my oldest with my baby. I was feeling even worse than before. But I was feeling as if I may have another really bad sinus infection. I called my neighbor to fix me a hot toddy. I’m sure you all know what a hot toddy is. Because I had it so hot due to being cold she checked my temperature and to my surprise it was 102.8.


To the emergency room I went. Well the ER was full and turning away anyone with Covid Symptoms. The ER doctor had me triaged and told me to leave and go get tested because he was sure with my symptoms I had Covid. So I did. The symptoms where horrible I could barely move because I was in so much pain. My head was pounding with excruciating pain. I was unable to eat due to being nauseated. While waiting on results my oldest started to get sick. She started going through the same phases I did. I just knew we had Covid. After all she was trying to help me and see about her sister. This of course made my depression sky rocket as I was feeling it was my fault my baby was sick. So now mommy is sick and so is mommy’s baby. Being mommy doesn’t stop because you’re sick. Now I’m juggling being sick and taking care of mommy’s girls. The worst part of it all was watching Aniyah struggle to breathe because of her asthma and now having Covid. I called her doctor and of course all they said was continue to quarantine. At this point I’m like forget quarantine my baby can’t breathe. We prayed and continued to use her inhalers. Thankfully my little Jaliyah who is only 2 never got sick. My results never came in until close to the end of our quarantine. Today is our last day on quarantine and we are feeling much better.

I can definitely say this was one of the most trying times of my life. Not only did Covid affect me physically, it drained me mentally. It’s not a good feeling to feel like you can’t help your children.

I’m especially thankful for the people in our corner checking on us and running errands for us.

Please mask up and be safe.

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You are one strong mama! Being a mom literally doesn't stop when you are sick. Wishing health and healing to you and your daughter!

Keaire Reese
Keaire Reese

Thank you so much.

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