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Creating Routines

Last week in our blog post Routines, Yes I need one we discussed what a routine was and the benefits of having a routine. Now let’s jump into learning how we create routines.

There are a few things we need to consider first to create our routine.

  • We need to decide what type of routine we want. We need to choose either intentional or automatic.

  • Then we need to choose what kind of routine we would like to create. Some examples would include: daily routine, morning routine, afternoon routine, evening routine, bedtime routine, work routine, self care routine, skin care routine or etc. You can create a routine for just about anything.

Once you have decided on your type and kind of routine then you can start to create your routine as follows.

  1. Make sure you find your motivation. Self motivation is key to sticking to your routine once you set it. This will help to come up with things that you value and enjoy.

  2. Next you need to start deciding what activities and things you want in your routine. It may help if you write them down.

  3. Then set your goals that you would like to accomplish with this routine. Make sure to set small goals that you can accomplish in this time frame. Your goals can be a range of a number of things. Some examples would include: To be more productive, To get fit, To have more alone time, or to live a healthier life.

  4. Now that we have found our motivation and activities it’s time to start laying out our plan. Start small as you can always build on it. In this step remember to think about and include your times. Make sure your tasks are broken into smaller, more achievable tasks instead of a large task that may cause you to be overwhelmed.

  5. Now that you have layed out your plan it's time to review it. And create your final routine.

Now that you have created your routine it's time for you to be prepared. It's time to put it into action. Make sure you stay consistent with following your routine so that it becomes a habit and like second nature to you. Have fun white you are doing it. Remember it's OK if you slip up and miss something. You can pick up where you are and try again the next day. It’s your routine so you can always tweak it a little and make changes when needed. Track your progress and reward yourself for your hard work and dedication.

As a side note: It’s OK to have more than one routine. Just remember not to overwork yourself. If you want more than one try to keep them small.

Remember: Your routine does not have to be perfect. Let it work for you.

Join us next week for a short blog on Why I Can’t Stick to Routines.

“Schedules are meant to help not hinder, create them with your lifestyle in mind. -Chrissy Halton

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May 08, 2023

I really need to sit and write down my small goals of how I can live a healthier lifestyle.

Keaire Reese
Keaire Reese
May 11, 2023
Replying to

Yes that is definitely the first step. Thanks for sharing.

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