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Beginning Your Holistic Wellness Journey

Are you looking to create a more holistic lifestyle? If you are then you are in luck. Today we are going to explore using holistic principles and to begin and maintain a holistic lifestyle.

Living holistically generally refers to having a lifestyle that incorporates mind, body, and soul. The holistic perspective is the belief that all parts of something are interconnected and interdependent. You can not understand the whole person if you don’t account for each part of the individual.Living holistically is like looking at the bigger picture. Living holistically and taking in account the whole person's mind, body and soul incorporates the 8 dimensions of holistic wellness. The dimensions are as follows: social, physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial. You can take a closer look at these dimensions in my blog post The Dimensions of Holistic Wellness.

Adopting a holistic lifestyle can offer us many benefits. Before we move on to the tips of starting a holistic lifestyle I am going to list some of those benefits of living holistically.

  • Living a holistic lifestyle we can feel more connected with ourselves.

  • Feel more connected with our community.

  • Feel more connected with your environment

  • Help manage/reduce stress.

  • Live a healthy life.

  • Improve your physical health.

  • Improves your mental health

  • Helps to improve your mood and balance your emotions.

  • Improve cognitive function.

  • Boosts your performance/productivity.

  • Improves self esteem and desire for personal growth.

  • Helps relieve chronic pain.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Here are some healthy habits to adopt as you begin your holistic wellness journey.

  • Create a daily routine.

  • Start small.

  • Be consistent.

  • Start now.

“Change your thoughts, Change your world.” - Norman Vincent Peale

Now here are the tips to get you started on your holistic wellness journey.

  • Meet yourself where you are.

    • In order for you to create the lifestyle that you want, you have to understand where you are. Be honest with yourself. If you want then who will.

  • Discover your purpose, your why, the thing that gives you passion for living.

    • Discover why you want to create this lifestyle change and begin your wellness journey.

  • Discover your spiritual well being.

    • Your spirituality may be different from others and that is perfectly ok. No matter what your spiritual beliefs and ideas are it is essential that you connect with it often.

  • Focus on just one thing at a time.

    • You don’t want to overexert yourself. You can’t do it all at once. Find one area or just a few areas that you feel need the most nourishment and love.

  • Live in your present moment.

    • Living in the present moment helps you to focus on your well being. It helps you to be able to enjoy and appreciate the moment and the things around you.

  • Eating healthy and Eating Clean.

    • Eating healthy and clean can definitely be a challenge but it is so worth it. You want to be mindful of the things you are putting into your body starting with what you are consuming.

  • Get Physical.

    • Start some sort of exercise. Exercising helps improve your physical and mental health.

  • Take care of your mental health.

    • Practice positive thinking and having positive emotions.Try to avoid having negative emotions. Your mental health is very important.

  • Get Rested.

    • Getting adequate sleep is essential to being healthy.

  • Mindfulness

    • Practicing mindfulness helps with being present in the moment and aware of your thoughts and emotions.

  • Create a morning routine.

    • This will help you get your day started with some self care and positive energy.

  • Positive Relationships

    • Make sure that all your relationships are positive and healthy. This helps you maintain a positive environment and positive vibes.

  • Gratitude

    • You should always practice gratitude. Being grateful for what you have helps improve your mood and your overall well being.

  • Be Minimalistic

    • Always remember less is more. Things can get difficult and you can start to lose your focus if you have too much going on.

  • Research and Learn

    • Everyone's holistic journey is different depending on your specific needs. Make sure you take the time to research and learn for yourself.

  • Make sure to Set Purposeful Intentions

    • Setting your intentions will help you to create the lifestyle you want. It helps you be present in the moment.

  • Sustainable Action

    • Make sure you integrate sustainable action. Take your intentions and set smaller goals or tasks to create sustainable action. This helps you create habits to build a holistic lifestyle.

  • Get a Holistic Wellness Practitioner

    • Feel like you need that extra boost to get started? Get you a holistic wellness practitioner or coach.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

- Dr Wayne Dyer

Living a holistic wellness lifestyle is about more than just your physical health. It’s about your whole person, mind, body, and soul. When you choose to incorporate all aspects of you and your being into your wellness routine, you create a more balanced, harmonious, healthy life! Why wait? Start your holistic wellness journey today.

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Jan 23, 2023

Love this article. I need to work on creating a healthy morning routine.

Keaire Reese
Keaire Reese
Jan 23, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. A healthy morning routine will definitely help get your day started I’m a positive manner.

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